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Office Policies

Need to cancel/reschedule?

That's OK, however all appointment based businesses have guidelines to assure that there is ample time to fill cancellations.  Sometimes there is a waitlist and short notice cancellations and no-shows take an appointment slot away from another client.  It also creates a possible financial loss for the office.   To keep things running fairly and smoothly for all, and to avoid a request to cover the cost of your absence, please follow the  cancellation policy below:

Appointments less than 60 minutes require 24 hours to cancel  

   No-show:  Fee = the full cost of your most recent appointment

   Short Notice:  $35.00 fee

Appointments exceeding 60 minutes require 48 hours to cancel.  These long appointments also require a deposit of $80 to hold the time.  This deposit is applied to the cost of your appointment but will be forfeited in the event that there is a no-show or cancellation does not meet the 48 hour requirement  

True emergencies do arise for all of us and  these situations are considered individually to waive fees.  Please keep in mind:  Work conflicts are not considered emergencies.  If there is a chance that a work issue could create a last minute conflict, resulting in a last minute cancellation, please book your appointments outside of work hours.  

Please note:  if requested to do so, those who choose not to cover the loss that their absence creates, may be required to pay in advance as a condition to schedule future appointments  

Appointment Times

Consideration is given to booking clients at times that best meet their schedules.  Please be on time for appointments.  In the event you are running late, it may be necessary to reduce the time booked to accommodate other clients at their scheduled times.  Full cost of time booked will be charged.  Minimum charge:  $35.00

Children in the Office

If it's necessary to bring a child with you, please keep the following in mind:

As a solo practitioner, there is no-one else in the office to look after children.  Insurance regulations do not allow anyone under the age of 13 to be left alone in the waiting area.  

Electrolysis:  we will both be focused on you.  It is necessary during treatmenst to remain in specific positions that may not be conducive to keeping an eye on others in the treatment room.

Clients are paying for time.   Attention is given to providing as much actual treatment as possible in a time slot.  

Facials:  This time is for you to relax and enjoy away from all the responsibilities of the day.  Please allow this time for YOU 100%