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- Massachusetts state inspected, approved and licensed home based practice  

- Only pre-sterilized, disposable probes are used for each treatment  

- CDC standards for sanitation and sterilization are strictly utilized for non-disposable    

   implements and work surfaces  

- Monthly participation in the Confirm Monitoring Systems Laboratory Testing Service to assure

   the effectiveness of sterilization procedures  

- A state of the art, digital epilator delivers effective treatments that can be adjusted to provide a

  balance between your comfort level and attainable results 

- Member:  American Electrology Association

                   Massachusetts Association of Electroogists

                                                             Modalities Used:

                                       Flash/Thermolysis (High Frequency)
                                       Blend (Combination of High Frequency and galvanic

                                                              Electrology Rates:

                                                            Up to 15 minutes - $35.00

                                                            30 minutes - $50.00

                                                            45 minutes - $65.00

                                                            60 minutes - $80.00

                                     First time clients receive 20% off their first treatment*
                                   *Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount

                                                            10% discount program
                            Purchase $200.00 worth of electrolysis treatments for $180.00

         (Electrology treatment times and discount program cannot be split with another person)


Call or email today to schedule your free, no obligation in-office consultation.  The process of electrolysis will be discussed  and all questions/concerns will be answered.  Each hair removal

    situation is unique and a treatment plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs




If your call reaches voice mail, please leave a message. In order to provide clients with the uninterrupted time and attention that each deserves, the phone is not answered when a treatment or service is in session. Calls are returned as soon as possible the same business day. 


                                                            Cancellation Policy:                

             Proper notice is required.  Please see policy details on Office Policy Page