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Skin Care

A varied selection of facials and anti-aging treatments are offered to meet individual needs

First facial:  $59.00*

*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.  First time clients only, please.

Proud to provide skin care treatments using
Visual Changes® Skin Care International

Call today to schedule the skin care treatment               
 that will help you look your best!

If your call reaches voice mail, please leave a message.  In order to provide clients with the
uninterrupted  time and attention that each deserves, the phone is not answered when a service is in session.   Calls are returned as soon as possible the same business day.  If you are calling from an area code outside of the general area, leaving a message is important.  Due to a high incidence of solicitation calls from non local numbers, they are always sent to voice mail. 

Cancellation Policy: 24-hours notice is required

Gift Certificates Available

Loyal Customer and Referral Program

A referral to family, friends or colleagues is the best compliment!
Complete five facials and your sixth facial is only $59.00  (per client - no time limit or expiration date)

  Receive $10.00 off a facial for yourself for each skin care referral

Receive 20% off one electrology treatment for each electrology referral

(Referral must purchase a treatment for discount to apply)

Only one discount can be applied per treatment


All facials include Clarisonic cleansing technology as the first step to the cleanest skin possible to assure optimum product absorption and effectiveness

Age Defying Enzyme ...reveal younger skin within:
A deep cleansing is followed by stimulating facial massage, exfoliating fruit acid enzyme under steam extractions (if needed), skin-tightening
mask, hand and arm massage, moisturizer and sunscreen

Suited for: Almost anyone can benefit. Enzymes dissolve dead skin cell layers of the epidermis
        revealing softer, smoother and more even          
skin tone below

55 minutes - $85.00

Soothing...a selection of calming products are used to provide cleansing, mild exfoliation and light facial massage. Light steam with hand and arm massage is followed by gentle mask, moisturizer and sunscreen

Suited for: Those with Rosacea, broken capillaries           or sensitive skin

50 minutes - $80.00

Acne Clearing... congestion be gone:          
A dis-encrustation cleanser clears the way for light facial massage, exfoliating fruit acid enzyme under steam, extensive extractions, oil absorbing mask, hand and arm massage, appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen

Suited for: Those with active acne

55 minutes - $85.00

                           Back Treatment                               
This treatment provides all the benefits of a facial for the upper and lower back areas. A thorough cleansing is followed by exfoliation, massage, steam, extractions if necessary and moisturizer

Suited for: Anyone with back acne or just as a relaxation treatment. Perfect to hydrate
the skin during the dry winter months

50 minutes - $85.00
Heated Hand Treatment

A luxurious moisturizing cream is applied and then hands are kept warm in heated mitts during your facial treatment. Can be added to any facial, peel or micro-dermabrasion treatment 

Works wonders on dry winter skin



Manual Micro-Dermabrasion
Micro-dermabrasion uses fine crystals to slough away dead-skin layers of the epidermis to reveal new layers below. It is a non-chemical way to resurface the skin and reduce the visible signs of aging, fine lines, light wrinkles and minor hyperpigmentation.

40 minutes

One treatment - $75.00
Series of 5 - $375.00

Series purchase includes the following
Visual Changes® retail size products:

Ultra Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen and
one facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type.
($43.30 value)

A series of treatments, spaced one to two weeks apart, is generally necessary to attain desired results. Unfortunately, those with Rosacea are not suitable candidates for receiving micro-dermabration treatments, but peels are an option.

Manual Micro-Dermabrasion with Visual Changes
®Designer Depigmenting Treatment

Hyperpigmentation and brown spots are caused by environmental damage, post-acne scarring and hormonal changes.   This treatment combines manual micro-dermabrasion with Designer Depigmenting products to lighten and fade discolorations to provide a more
even skin tone

Formulations are available for all skin types,

45 minutes

One treatment - $90.00
Series of 5 - $450.00

Series purchase includes the following
Visual Changes® retail size products:
Ultra Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen and
one Hydroquinone-free
Skin Lightening Cream or Serum
($81.30 value)
A series of treatments, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart, is generally necessary to attain desired results.  Unfortunately, those with Rosacea are not suitable candidates for receiving micro-dermabrasion treatments, although peels are an option.

Visual Changes Designer Peels®

The Visual Changes® skin care line blends the best of science with the purest natural ingredients, botanicals, natural fruit acids and antioxidants to create products that provide real, noticeable changes in the skin for all skin types and conditions, including Rosacea. 

Peels are an effective way to diminish the visual signs of aging:  fine lines and wrinkles, brown hyperpigmentation spots, uneven skin tone and sun damage.  They are also effective in exfoliating acne prone skin conditions.

There are three categories of peels available and a variety of formulations in each category to treat many different skin types and conditions.  The appropriate formulation will be selected and a custom treatment will be created to address the type of correction and depth of peel desired. 

Skin Renewal One -
Light Exfoliation

This category works in the very outer layer of the  epidermis to provide a light exfoliaton with no     flaking or peeling. It is designed to show immediate improvement in skin challenges resulting in a healthier-acting, younger-looking, radiant complexion with no disruption to the client's social schedule.

40 minutes

One peel:  $75
Series of 5:  $350

Series purchase includes
one 4 oz.
Visual Changes®
Ultra Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen ($32.00 value)

A series of peels, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart, is generally necessary to attain desired results

Skin Renewal Two -
Medium Exfoliation

This category works in a deeper layer of the epidermis.  It is designed to show immediate improvement; however, best resuults are generally seen after about 3 days.  This skin renewal process may cause the skin to shed it's outer dead layer resulting in more dramatic results for skin challenges, thereby promoting healthier-acting, younger-looking skin.   

40 minutes

One peel: $85
Series of 5: $425

Series purchase includes the following
Visual Changes® products:
Ultra Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen and
one Hydroquinone-free Skin Lightening Cream    or Serum ($81.30 value)

A series of peels, spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart, is generally necessary to attain desired results

Skin Renewal Three -
Deeper  Exfoliation

This category works in the deepest layer of the epidermis to provide a more aggressive exfoliation and is designed to provide complete epidermal rejuvenation in approximatley 7 days.  During this skin renewal process, the cleint's skin generally eliminates most damaged and dysfunctional skin cells from the epidermis.  This will cause stimulation and migration of new skin cells throughout the epidermis resuling in new, fresher, healthier-acting, younger-looking skin.

Skin Renewal Three requires one peel to attain desired results. This category requires 6-8 weeks of skin preparation before the peel can be applied and one post-peel follow up treatment

Peel: 40 minutes
Post-peel treatment: 40 minutes


Includes initial peel and one post-peel 
treatment.  Also includes a full system of products ($307.00 value) to be used pre and post peel that are necessary to prepare the
skin and to help maintain maximum
results post-peel


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